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Musician Marketing Service

I know first hand how challenging it can be to focus on the "business" side of your work as a musician in the middle of rehearsals, practice hours, gigs, teaching,etc. But in today's world, it's more important than ever to have a strong online presence and organized business approach.

Why I can help you!

You may be wondering what a cellist knows about business marketing. Well, my first undergraduate out of the two I received (the second in cello performance) was in marketing and communications and I have 8 years of experience in the field! I currently serve as the marketing and patron engagement manager for the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra. I have designed multiple websites (including my own), I write social media posts and email newsletters, plan events, and design graphics.  I apply all of these skills to my own business as a Suzuki teacher and performer. I'm telling works. In the last year, my cello studio size sas increased by 200%!! Now, I want to help you!

My Services


Launch Package

Put your best, most compelling foot forward with a full website design or facelift, business collateral designs, and social media templates to get you started!

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Monthly Marketing Management

Need someone to help keep you on track, make website adjustments, and develop and execute your marketing strategy? I'm your girl.

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