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Join the cello studio!

It is a joy and privilege to learn to play the cello, and we will cover all of the nuts and bolts it takes to have a solid foundation of technique. But beyond that, the experience of studying an instrument develops active listening, respect, confidence and humility, mind-body connection, sensitivity, and resilience. This will be a rewarding journey...let's begin!

My Method

I am a Suzuki Teacher who has received training from Mary Ann Ramos, Tanya Carey, Avi Friedlander, and Carey Cheney. I operate from the belief that learning the cello is attainable for anyone who has the right support system, instruction, and environment. I teach students as young as 4 years old through adults! Click to view my Suzuki Association of the Americas profile. Below are the main cornerstones of my instruction:

1. Beginning by Ear

The beginning of instruction will be learning by ear. This develops a strong sense of body awareness, healthy mechanics, and active listening. Don't worry, reading music and preparing for orchestra and collaborative settings IS a part of my instruction, it's just not the first step.

2. Positive Feedback

My teaching style is based on positive feedback. I focus on what's working and encourage my students to chase what feels and sounds good. They will walk away from their lesson feeling like I am their number one fan, which I am!

3. Parents & Practice

Only so much can happen in 30 - 60 minute weekly lessons. The work that students (with parents as partners for young students) put in at home determines how much they will achieve! This includes setting aside time to listen to and sing the music they will learn. If the student is a child, I ask that a parent is present for each lesson as they will be learning how to be at home practice partners.

The Space

I ask that all students (and parents) come to my studio for lessons. I have worked hard to create a space that is conducive to focused learning, has all of the materials and resources needed, and has a piano so that students can practice playing alongside an accompanist. 

*Younger siblings are allowed at lessons as long as they are quiet and respectful.

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Let's Meet!

I get that this can feel like a big undertaking and I'm sure you have questions! Reach out today with any questions you have and I would love to provide more detail. If you are interested in cello lessons for you or your child, I like to schedule an informal meeting at my studio to provide a feel for who I am and what lessons will look like.

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